Races: Mixed non humans, mostly humanoid, some aquatic and aerien, etc.

Aristocratic Languages: Japanese (formal structure), English, some Chinese

Common Language: Japanese (informal structure), some English

Religions: (no "main" religion)  Polytheistic, agnostic, science, and ancestor veneration

Terrain: Mostly coastal areas, turning quickly to mountains. Urban areas are small and very regional.

Main cities: Nisroc (capital), Rehab (Main Port), Hasdeil (Port Town - half aquatic)

National Colors: Dark green and silver

Royal colors: Red and gold

Exports: Arts, herbs, medicine, spices, jadeite and a variety of precious gems, graphite


A collection of islands a few hours west of Kale, this is where a portion of Taey's people have settled in these realms. In the relatively short time that they have inhabited the region, they have become known for their healing prowess through a mixture of herbs, medicine, magic, and science. Various schools for the study of healing have been created around the islands, many of them focusing on cataloguing and researching the various plants and herbs that are found in surrounding regions. Visiting healers who wish to share ideas or learn are always welcome among these schools.

The island nation was originally founded when the Regent of their people moved into the realm here and settled in the forests of the island. Essential functionaries of the court must need follow the Regent, and this was the beginnings of the population that moved to the islands. After that, a steady stream of people arrived on the islands to support the needs of the court, and to discover and explore the new opportunities that the islands provided. In recent years, there has been a surprising influx of people from home, as their ruler accepted the throne and made the quiet, but firm declaration that the Throne would be moved to Achaiah. The capital city, Nisroc nearly tripled in size as the formal reception buildings and offices were built, a growth that continues slowly but steadily today. Alistair has quite firmly put a cap on immigration, watching the economy of the islands with a careful and wary eye, and under his watch, the islands have suffered no bad results of the sudden population influx.

The people here are friendly enough, but a bit odd. Even the most human of them has something not... quite... right - downy feathers instead of hair, large eyes that seem all iris and no pupil, elongated teeth, or tails. The less human of them nearly defy description, and seem to randomly combine racial features and animalistic features with exceedingly graceful or grotesque results. Many of them speak the common Kale language, with varying degrees of competence, but the people as a whole are insular and seem to the outsider to be spastically paranoid. Not a city is built that doesn't have several layers of defense. The smaller towns boast the ability to hide completely in their surroundings, much like the original towns of their home country Sis'treal, and any invader would find themselves hard-pressed to find an opening in the defenses.

The only way into the islands is through a maze of underwater reefs and landforms that open safely into the single port that the islanders have allowed. Every boat, be it friend or foe or native, is challenged at the sea-side opening of that maze by guards formed of the water-dwelling inhabitants of the islands. Some of these are little different from the picturesque images of a merman or mermaid, and others of these guards appear far more like the more ferocious versions of the mer or other sea monsters. A boat deemed friendly, or at least one deemed as having a good reason to dock is lead through the maze by one of these sea-dwellers and by a companion guard who is able to fly. It is the flying partner who signals to the boat master which direction to go while water guards shadow the boat to make sure it doesn't accidentally get caught.

The port is snuggled into the far side of a dormant volcano. One side of the volcanic ridge has eroded away, providing an entrance into the port. The sands that line the edges of the volcano have not yet lost the blackish tint of ages worth of ash, and the wood that the dock is built with is some ash-hardened black wood. The port is actually quite busy, with the more human-looking of the inhabitants manning trade boats to and from the island. A very few outside traders are allowed in, and most of those are manned by halfling races who are undisturbed by the differences of the people on the islands. The lack of humans isn't so much a deliberate segregation, but simply an awareness that most humans are uneasy being surrounded by so many nonhumans.  Visiting humans, especially first time visitors, are generally treated with a very shy respect that again borders on paranoia.

To get to the capital city, in fact, to get anywhere other than the portside city of Hasdiel, one must traverse the underground tunnels. The main tunnel, Dumah, goes through the side of the volcano behind the port, and opens up to a wide stretch of land saved from the sea. 

Movement between the islands is usually accomplished through underground (and underwater) tunnels rather than by boat, another of the security measures that were adopted here. Most of the landscape on the islands is very natural, large forests and grasslands that are carefully tended. These are a people who work within nature rather than force it to their own needs.

Climate wise, the islands are surprisingly warm, year-round. Even in the winter there are spots on the island that remain quite warm, despite the snow that may be falling as close as a yard or two away. This is especially true around the city where the palace and court are located. On the other hand, some individual homes, depending on the owners of the abode, may radiate a sub-zero frozen temperature. Such people who prefer or require specific temperature ranges tend to cluster together in order to reduce the amount of energy needed to maintain the temperatures. Generally, the effect is quite startling to the unprepared.


It is within these islands that Taey's home, Jaslo, and school grounds lay. The Zuphalas area is covered densely with huge ancient forests, and it is within the branches of these forests that Jaslo was built. Oddly enough, around Jaslo there are no pixies or other small fae of any descent, though they can be seen in other areas. Taey tjerself rarely actually takes the mundane route of tunnels and sea to get to Kale, tji prefers tjer stone gate archways that connect tjer instantly with select specific spots within Kale. Those spots may be accessed by others to arrive in Jaslo, but the users should take care to mention to the gate that they wish to go to Jaslo, as occasionally the gate is set to other locations within Achaiah.


An "accidental" way of running into the islands, if a boat were to wreck on the reefs, one of two groups of moving guards associated with the underwater cities Zadkiel and Achusah would likely rescue the survivors and try to save some of the contents in the hold of the ship (most likely *after* the ship had settled underwater, though). Visitors of this sort wouldn't exactly be brought onto the mainland, unless they were very injured (then they would be taken to Hasdiel for treatment at a portside hospital), but they would be taken to a neutral sort of area and taken care of. One of the boats leaving the port would be asked to stop by and pick them up. Any boat sailing with maps more than fifty years old is quite likely to run ashore of the reefs, coral, and such as the underwater treacheries around the islands have gotten noticeably worse as the islanders fortified the surrounding waters. Also, any boat caught polluting the waters near the island has a disturbing tendency to disappear, as does any pirate that dares raid a trade ship too close to the islands.


AIM names.

King Alistair / Nue (the Voice for the Throne): Alistair Niyor

Aftiel (commander of the bodyguards): Aftiel Zuikouin

Ihamel (Captain of the flying units): Ihamel Kazeho

Zadkiel (Captain of the aquatic units): Zadkiel Suichi

Suriel (Royal Physician): Suriel Ishya

Jyachi (Child of Taeyana, heir to the throne): Jyachi Deilan

Taeyana: Tehlorri


*Notes OOC

Alistair is the formal name of Tehn, and is used whenever a reference to the throne is used, though most Kaleans don't know who Tehn is much less know him well enough to know that this is the case.

The Regent is/was Taey's mother and after she died, Taey tjerself. Again, most Kaleans don't know this.

Visiting is fine in RP, the appearance of the natives is limited by your imagination. If all you can think of are cat men and centaurs, that's fine. Just realize that that's not *all* on the island (try imaging the cross between a mer and a salamander, or a centaur and a basilisk). Tehn himself is actually part plant, and a visitor will find that a surprising number of flowers are actually people, especially within the palace grounds.

The place names on the islands are all angel names that I have researched (though, I might have some of them wrong, please tell me if I do). While Taey has no particular religious leanings, the combined *people* do. The people themselves have long since forgotten the actual home religions, but the names of things and their meanings stayed with them. Anyone trying to point out that the names are angel names will get a blank look and an inquiry to the tone of, "what's an angel?"

Here I list the information behind the names of the locations, which are a bit of a hint towards what each location is. :) I know, I know, I list (a lot) more here than are mentioned above, and I list them with the request that if your char isn't likely to know the judeo-christian angel names and their governances, that they wouldn't understand why they are used (though, it's reasonable for someone to research it and find out). I haven't drawn up a map yet, but it can be assumed that Taey has given a map to the royal archivist in Kale, and all of the names will be listed on that map. Many of the names are for towns or the name of a specific school. Taey's school is simply referred to as the Cayara or Deilan school, because tji wouldn't put up with some sort of symbolic name for tjer school (and truthfully, it would never occur to Taey to use a symbolic name).

Jaslo was named "Cre Tah Jaslo" long before any of the more creative members of taey's people showed up. "cre tah jaslo" means Spirit of the Wood, or heart of the wood in their own language.

Achaiah - one of the angels of patience, and one of the ones especially good at discovering the mysteries of nature. (name of the islands as a group)

Nisroc - angel of freedom, freedom of person, freedom of thought and of being. It's through Nisroc that a person gains enlightenment about themselves and the world around them. (Capital city)

Suriel - one of the angels of healing, but also one of the few benevolent angels of death (name of the major school of medicine)

Zuphalas - angel of the forests (region name)

Maktiel - angel of trees (city name within Zuphalas)

Sachluph - angel of plants (Reference to Tehn's formal home and the throne)

Dara - angel of rivers (small water community)

Nahaliel - angel of running streams (small water community)

Rehab - angel of the sea (name of the port itself)

Zaa'feil - angel of showers (small school)

Shateiel/Durmah - angels of silence (tunnel names)

Dumah - angel of dreams (the name of the main tunnel that leads from the port to the rest of the island)

Leliel, Lilah - angels of the night (also Metatron, but not used on the map, names of small schools)

Aftiel - angel of twilight (name of the royal bodyguards)

Sahaqiel - angel of the sky (city comprised mostly of flyers)

Orifiel - an angel of the wilderness (regional name)

Chasan, Casmaron, Iahmel - Angels of the air (also Cherub, but it's not used on the map, names of cities and towns, Chasan is a region)

Zadkiel, Hasdiel, Achusah - angels of benevolence (Hasdiel is the name of the port town, the other two are underwater cities)

Sometimes the people on these islands refer to the seasons by the names of the angels who guarded them. Farlas (winter), Telvi (spring), Casmran (summer), Andarcel (autumn). This should cause considerable troubles for anyone trying to figure it out, lol. "we'll have the festival in Farlas." "It's getting cooler, Andarcel must be soon."


Photo above is copyright of myself, it is a teahouse garden in Japan.

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