If one has seen the cities of Sis'treal, then the small extension of these places on Rhydin seems only natural. Jaslo is that extension. Built originally by Taeyana's mother Sharentha with the aid of Tehn Niyor, the plant weaver, Cre Tah Jaslo is a series of huge tree houses. Or that is what it would seem to be. The house rests far back in the untouched forests of Rhydin, among trees larger than ancient redwoods. Five of these particularly large giants support the multi-level home in its huge branches. The only entrance that is found on the ground is a small hallow in the north tree (rather, trees, it appears to be three or four trees that have grown together). Inside of the hallow is, surprisingly enough, a stair case lit by softly glowing moss.

Fifty or so feet up the trunk, the stairs end and the hallow opens up into a huge room. Completely hidden from the ground by the lower branches of the trees and a confusing tangle of forest vine, the actual size of Jaslo is unappreciated by those who have never seen the interior of the tree abode. The room itself appears mostly barren, with no chairs, a strong smattering of cushions and pillows, a raised platform to the left, and what appears to be a bar area to the right. On the far wall are several shelves of items ranging from a bowl filled with silvery liquid, several scrolls, even more books (most of which seem to be written in a wide variety of languages), and a few decorative items.

There are no real wonders in this room, though the walls and floor seem to be made entirely of woven vines. Even though the mind tends to think of vines as not very sturdy, the floor seems solid, and the temperature in the room is noticeably more comfortable than the easily changeable temperatures of the air outside. Small flowers bloom randomly before your eyes, and a soft carpet of moss begins to cover the floor.

There is no other apparent exit or entrance other than the stairwell behind you, though an intricately carved archway that rests against the wall on the raised platform provides some curiosity. It appears to be a gateway, though no mage without permission can access it.

Exploration of the room shows that there is food and some light drink (teas, water, milk, and some weak alcohol) behind the bar. Obviously someone will be by eventually...

The rest of Jaslo is a mystery to those that Taey does not grant entrance to, and its boarders are fiercely guarded by Taey's people. The room is open to any traveler who needs aid but the rest of the complex is off limits. Curious people who try to find the other sections of Jaslo are given only one warning (if they are lucky) before an unhappy fate is handed to them.

Rumors say that the complex used to be a school for assassins, spies, thieves, and bodyguards. Recent fact states that there is a school of some sort in Jaslo. Recent rumors say it is the same school opened again. Taey tjerself simply smiles at the questions and will only answer truthfully to those who are close friends.

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