Most of us are pretty familiar with futons - though many of us are familiar only with the Americanized version of the half-bed half-chair variety. Still, if you are an L5R fan, you've probably seen at least one anime somewhere where the character folds away a series of what appears to be thick blankets and tucks them in the closet. That's a real futon.

As with many aspects of my story telling with the kitsune, though, I borrow from more than just Japan. Ki, in particular, has a few very Chinese touches, one of which is his bed.

In my story, I called it "Qui'an bed" but that is a term I made up for the purposes of the story. I don't know what the real name of these beds are, though I've been told the actual name translates to something like "two room wedding bed" despite the fact that they are one chamber and aren't just used for wedding/marriage night ceremonies.

Anyway, these are the real-life beds that inspired the "qui-an" in the tale.

This is a relatively modern version, more open than what Ki uses. This image is from



This is a picture from some random auction I found online. You can see in the image the drawers in the back wall. This is also the only bed of the four I snagged the images of that has a cushion. XD They would all have the cushion at night, just that the beds themselves weren't being sold with the futon bedding.



Now... what Ki has in his room? Looks more like the two images below. These are both beds that were actually for sale on Two people fit in these babies easily. Actually, I'm told that these also often doubled as a women's entertainment area and the drawers might hold things for a woman's embroidery or that sort of thing.



These are both far more elaborate than what Ki has in his room, though he does have carvings and paneling on his bed. Still, you get the idea... these are almost entirely enclosed beds. Heavy curtains would hang from the opening, behind the wood, to block out light and keep out bugs.

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