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Descent of Inari

Weak Deficiency

Clan Skull

Kitsune senses (for half kitsune 2)

(learn at a human speed 4)

(speed/agility physical)




Dead Tree

Dead Tree as a Child

Weak Element

Resisting Spirit

Tree in Another Realm

Non-human features

Inhuman time (slow learner)

Going gold early (2)



Descent of Inari - (2 points) Practically speaking, this means very little except that you'd be able to visit any Den and expect a reasonably polite welcome. This only is significant if you are within 4 generations or so of the original Descent. After 3 or so, it becomes more like a long-standing tradition for the others to show you respect. By 5, chances are that others don't even recall you are related (unless one of the other ancestors is especially famous for something). This has a physical side effect - someone with the Descent trait will always have gold-colored eyes. Gold eyes are never found more than 5 generations from the original Descent. Any child who is a Descent of Inari may find that their forward element is any of the four elements, regardless of what the forward element of the parents are. The direct line will also find that it is easier for them to move between the human realm and the kitsune home realm.

Weak Deficiency - (5 - 8 points) Your rear element isn't quite as weak as one might normally expect. Any of the four elements may heed your call. The following chart represents how strong one might be in the "rear" element, if they have trained and if they have the rank in that ring:

  • 5 points - can do rank 1 spells easily; 2 with work
  • 6 points - can do rank 2 spells easily; 3 with work
  • 7 points - a good deal of work makes 3 easy.
  • 8 points - you don't have a "weak" element at all.

(Spells is used here merely as a level reference. A kitsune may do other, similar level skills with the kamigami of the rear element, as mentioned on the kamigami page.)

Clan Skull (2 points) You have managed to either acquire or have inherited a skull of someone plainly of Clan descent.






Dead Tree - (2 points) The tree you were born under is dead, making it nigh impossible for you to gain birth tree leaves as a focus source for some of the more complex spells. If the tree died when you were adult, you were likely ill for a time but survived it with no other significant side effects.

Dead Tree as a Child. Your tree died while you were still a youth, and you somehow survived the trauma of the tree's death and the backwash of power through your system. You are probably more prone to illness, or have a delicate stomach, or are prone to headaches as an adult. If the tree died violently (such as in a fire), you may even have a lingering fear that comes from nightmares of remembering the tree dying. Speaking with other spirits is more difficult for you than other kitsune. Other kitsune waver between pity and abject horror at the mere thought of your plight. Some kitsune would probably offer in sincere, heartfelt kindness to help you end your misery if it ever became too much for you (assuming they didn't already do so out of pity when you first lost your tree). The earlier the tree died, the more difficult it is for the person. Presence of this trait does not necessarily shorten the kitsune's lifespan or make it easier for them to go gold, but it can make it more difficult for the kitsune to recover from illness or injury (which can lend itself to a shorter lifespan).

  • (4 points)  You have a significantly reduced ability to use the kamigami and even the easiest of castings of your forward element becomes quite difficult for you. Your mid elements may as well be non existent, though it would not be impossible to get something to work in those elements once in a very great while.
  • (8 points) You cannot use the kamigami at all. You might be able to see them, in a vague, shadowy presence sort of way, but you cannot communicate with them. You almost may as well be human, except worse really, as most humans don't have an empty, gaping hole where half of their spirit should be...

Weak element - (0 points) The basic level is required for kitsune who do not have the Weak Deficiency trait. It should be noted down carefully which element is the rear element as this cannot be changed. While the weak element does not limit any ring levels, it does affect kami interaction (and so most players will probably limit the levels put into the same ring - but it should be noted that they don't *have* to). A kitsune may still do some workings with this element - but generally only if the kami "feels" like it or if the kitsune is having incredibly good luck on a given day.

  • 1 point may be earned if the kitsune cannot get the kami of said element to listen to them at all, indeed you may not even be able to see the kami of this element.
  • 3 points may be earned if the kitsune really has two weak elements. This does not require the second level - you probably can actually see kami of both elements, just you can't get them to do anything for you.
  • You may not have both the traits Dead Tree as a Child and any level of Weak Element above the basic level.

Resisting Spirit (2 points) Your skull illusion is weakened by a resisting spirit still attached to the skull.

Tree in Another Realm  (1 point) Your birth tree is located in a different realm from the one you spend most of your time. Because of this, if you are prone to using tree leaves as a power boost or as an illusion base, you have to keep careful track of your leaves. It can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months to get new leaves to you - depending on the circumstances of where your tree is exactly and how much you travel about. Silvers will generally help fetch the leaves for you, but you have to get the request to them and then arrange to pick the leaves up at a specific place.


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