Follows are several images from various period dramas. Most of these are Chinese designs rather than specifically Japanese, but hey, the Emperor wears an olive leaf crown (Roman, wtf). These are presented here to sort of give others an idea of other Asian styles, partially because there are more beautiful outfits other than just kimono and partially because I have my characters wearing a wide variety of different Asiatic garments. For the most part, I have *no* idea who these people are or for what show the images were taken for, please don't ask me. :p These, of course, are not copyright of me. The little gif image part of the way down I got from an educational website somewhere and saved it for my own reference of the various changes in styles over the different dynasties. Silly me, lesson learned about writing down references... I've had several people want to know where it comes from exactly and I don't honestly recall.

Again, the point is that there are wildly different styles across the various cultures of Asia, though most of these are Chinese from various wuxia (martial arts) shows. This list has no Mongol riding outfits (which would be -very- Unicorn, and are brilliantly cheerful), nor any of the more demure (and yet wildly colorful) clothing styles from Confucius-influenced eras. There are no Korean nor Vietnamese styles listed here, nor any of the -hundreds- of smaller cultural and ethnic styles that fall under the umbrella of "Chinese" or "Asian" styles.

ANY L5R fan should at least eyeball a couple of wuxia martial arts series, just for grins, really.












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