1/6/2011 - part 2 of Forged in Fire, three to follow soon.



Stories that I post on this page are written by me, and belong to me. Fair warning, these stories will be set in an AU timeline where kitsune begin to involve themselves in the fight against Taint.


(Photo copyright of me - this is an archway found at Kyoto's famous Golden Temple, leading to a small prayer  island tucked behind the temple)


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Tsugi's Story - Tsugi, a half human half kitsune, finds himself drafted by Inari on his 16th birthday to act as a go-between between the Empire and the just-as-touchy kitsune dens. Since no one yet knows that Tsugi is not entirely human, this calls for a little subterfuge.

  • Directions and Misdirections - part one of the story. This is the introduction to kitsune story found on the site's main page.
  • Directional Deviation - About a year later, after Tsugi has apparently begun to accept his mixed heritage and the mission given him by Inari.
  • Deviant and Lost Souls - The Crane Magistrate has deferred to the predictions that lead her to meet Tsugi in the first place, but how can a Sparrow farmer possibly help in an investigation of a missing courtier trainee?


Ginyue's story - A grumpy and entirely unsociable blacksmith finds herself bound to the safety of a Crane Magistrate who has a penchant for stirring up trouble and digging up the darker side of Crane life. She might be less annoyed if she could figure out a way to get his pack of kamigami air followers to do something more than float.  (This is based on role-playing sessions.)

  • Part one - No one in the den is quite sure what happened in the human village, but everyone's pretty certain it was not good.
  • Part two - After the fight, some questions are answered, but more are raised.
  • Part three - The Magistrate is awake, and the DenLord's feeling sly. (soon)


Links to random informational pages

L5R mons compiled (this is really more for my own reference)

Chinese clothing - Often to mix things up a little, I put my kitsune in other Asian style clothing. These are all stylized for TV, but one can see the other types of clothing.

Chinese Beds (not just futons)

A good movie reference for kitsune...



The information on this site (specifically those pages held in the /l5r folder of tehlorri.com) was designed as a Homebrew add-on to AEG/Alderac's Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying game. The world and such belong to them. The kitsune characters, rules, and societal information stuff is mine. There are kitsune characters in the L5R cannon, but I will not be using any of them, other than to perhaps reference a character in passing in a fiction. Feel free to use any of this information in your own games, just don't claim any of my work as your own. I'd be happy to hear of any ideas or suggestions that anyone has about the site or information herein. Flames,  however, will be met with wet blankets. <3


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