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All kitsune can call foxfire. As children and babies, the foxfire is a defense mechanism and is severely limited in strength and range. It isn't until the kitsune reaches an age of majority that they begin to learn how to control the foxfire for better effectiveness and other uses.

Usually foxfire is a bluish or greenish color, but stronger kitsune may be able to control the color more. Foxfire will not burn plants or things made from plants nor heat metal, but will devour anything else burnable. It cannot start a “regular” fire, but a kitsune can hold it in their hands to light their way at night, or throw it like a weapon. Clothing made of cotton will not be damaged by foxfire, but if the foxfire is large enough to go past the clothing or armor, it will blister the skin beneath.

Foxfire is not “hot” persea, and gives off no heat, but the resulting injury looks and acts like a high-degree burn or acid burn. Kitsune of moderate power can call foxfire into the air around them, the size and distance depends on how great their abilities actually are. Normal kitsune can call it on or in their hands or along their tails. A kitsune in fox form may cover all their fur with foxfire, but this can quickly drain the average kitsune.

Foxfire is different from regular fire, and would likely only confuse an actual Fire Kami, because it is not the same element. Because of this, fire kami would be unable to extinguish foxfire.

The strength of the foxfire depends on the kitsune, how much power they personally have and how much they have practiced. Kitsune of greater power would be able to focus their fire and burn a person some distance away to ashes, a kitsune of moderate abilities could achieve the same if they were willing to hold onto the person as they burned. Since this smells something horrible and it is indescribably gross to hold someone as they melt, very few foxes actually resort to something this drastic unless they are in a dire situation.

Some kitsune use the foxfire for dramatic or artistic affect. Higher levels of foxfire allow for greater manipulation, and true masters of foxfire can create images detailed out in various shades of foxfire.


A kitsune with no ranking in Foxfire had done no training. They can call up foxfire, but only with threatened or afraid and it is not something that they can control at all. The foxfire covers hands or paws and tails, but does not extend from the body more than a centimeter, thus the damage that can be inflicted is limited

  1. You can call up foxfire at will and keep it lit for periods of five minutes or so before you need to rest. The foxfire is limited to your hands, paws, and tails for an effective height of a centimeter.
  2. You can keep the foxfire lit for ten minutes before needing to rest. The height of the fire increases to an inch. If in fox form, you can cover your all of your fur in foxfire for 3 minutes. Human form is still limited to hands and tails.
  3. You can form balls of foxfire that floats above your hand, by your shoulder or any area with in a foot of you. You can keep an individual ball of foxfire or your hands lit for half an hour. You can also use foxfire to give yourself an extra bit of night vision, but this trick will make your eyes glow. If in foxform, you can keep your entire body lit with a small aura of flame for ten minutes, or a larger aura for five.
  4. Your range has increased to five feet, and you can make more shapes out of the flame, though you are limited to smaller shapes no larger than your forearm. At this point, you can start throwing balls of foxfire or merely bringing them into existence anywhere within that five feet. You also can keep several balls of the flame going at once for time periods upwards of an hour. At this level you can influence the color of your foxfire. You can keep your fox form lit in flames for longer time periods, depending on the height of the flame that covers your fur. You can also cover all of your human form with a short aura of foxfire for about a minute.
  5. Your range is increased to ten feet. In human form, you can give yourself an aura of short foxfire for five minutes. You can keep just your tails and hands lit with a short flame for a nearly indefinite amount of time (you'll fall asleep first).
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