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01/03/2008 - Soo... I discover when I check the Google webmaster thingie that, apparently, this website comes up as number 9 or 10 on a search of "l5r kitsune" or "kitsune l5r." This, admittedly, tickles and bemuses me.
I am working on the next part of the Tsugi story, admittedly ignored in favor of paying pursuits for far too long. Now I discover that I have misplaced the log that I'm basing the story off of. Sigh. I'm scouring my log records for it, but it's taking more time than I thought. I have several hundred pages of rp to go through and random text searches aren't helping me too much.

12/27/2008 - Fixed a link that I realized was wrong and added a partial description of Yamashi. Starting to add some of the story stuff (which will eventually get its own page, but for now the stories are going to be directly linked from this page). Yes, I know. I'm not done with the other stuff, yet. I'm not really getting feedback from the general population of people who are looking at the page, so I'm updating what my friends are asking for. If you want to see me working on a particular section, let me know. Email and contact info is on the contact page, as well as my L5R forum info.

11/25/2008 - Rearranged this, as you can see. Sheer numbers things over on the left, background/story/talk stuff over on the right.

11/24/2008 - Can you tell that I'm not grading papers at the moment? Put up what I thought was going to be the last background info page, then realized I hadn't touched on kitsune-kitsune interactions, yet. Sigh. I'll get there. Pregnancy, twins, birth trees, and half-kitsune page up. Let me know if you have questions.

11/23/2008 - Added in a bit about Birth Tree leaves in place of Void points, updated a couple of cross-reference spots with links, and added some detail on the People/Places page. Added intro snippets to Ki and Ginyue, and finished Ginyue. Working on Itoko and Li next.

11/22/2008 - Some minor tweaking on a couple of pages. Most significant is that I've started working a little on the Kitsune-specific Advantages and Disadvantages. At the moment I only have five specific traits, but they are sort of major ones. I'll probably be adding minor ones in a bit.   Honestly, those sorts of pages are the most difficult for me because I've never been a GM, and some of these items are things that I didn't hash out with my GM in such direct terms, so I'm constantly waffling on how strict to be on certain things.

11/3/2008 - One of my (annoying) friends pointed out that I should just not worry about NaNo, because in these pages in the past two weeks, I've written :stops to check: some 39,000 words, and so I should just forget about making something with plot and complete the details of the website, maybe hash out a short story or two more.  .... -.-; While I'm somewhat surprised to note that this is, indeed, true, I already had my mind set on a story this year. Sigh. For those 50 odd of you that have checked out the website, no I'm not going to forget this and I will come back to it. Thank you for giving the site a look around, and I would *love* to hear from some of you.


I lost 2009. T.T

1/3/10 - Sooo... I'm starting to get people who are reading stuff. Click on the "contact me" page and let me know what you think. ^.^;; 'Cause while I'm flattered that some of you are spending a lot of time reading the stuff... it's kinda creepy when no one, like... says anything....

5/20/10 - lordie, someone finally did the "contact me" thingie for L5R. :) You said you want more fox stuff, but do you want me to try and hash out more background stuff or more stories?


6/4/2010 - Added information about a good movie reference for how a kitsune might act that I found and rather enjoyed.


1/6/2011 - Added a new random reference page (Chinese beds) and chapter 2 of Forged in Fire. I'm a dork because I've had those ready for awhile. >.>;

9/6/2011 - updated the mon page because, holy cow, people are looking at it a lot and it irritated me to have what I knew was out of date information. Fixed now. >.>;;

02/26/2012 - I've been asked about naming conventions and the like. So I've added the Names page.


05/21/2013 -  ... Frontpage extensions, fml. I've gone through and redone all the pages (I think) to remove the errors from the now missing extensions and to force the page design by hand. In the process, I tweaked a few things, fixed my contact me page, and added a second movie suggestion for ideas.

Please let me know if anything is being fubar for you or if you have any questions. Thanks. 


01/20/2015 - .... why are you guys linking in from Paizo? O.O;

If you have questions about kitsune myths and the like in -absence- of L5R (which I assume is what you want since Paizo does not do L5R), just shoot me an email. I got my information from various chats I had with monks and the like while I lived in Japan, so while I've adapted lots of what I understand for the L5R world, I don't mind explaining where the reasoning came from and what basis it had in actual myth. :D




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