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As a caveat, realize that these are kitsune that I developed for the various events I participated in. I'm going to focus mostly on the ones that ended up getting a lot of attention. A greater majority of the kitsune are in the Chigonoha den or Yagiri den, simply because those two dens were the ones where most of the interaction with humans took place. There is a little bit of Chihi, but Chihi is almost a sub-location of Chigonoha. Of course, there are also several silvers, as well as some of the people at Temple.

I'm going to try and present much of the information in as much absence of the game I was in as I can (though characters like Ki, who I actually played in a flash-back game are sort of difficult to portray in total absence of those games), because later sessions of the game had quite radically different details than the cannon line. We followed game events, of course, but as any long-going RP group knows, our details and scenes didn't always completely fit smoothly into the cannon line.

When I'm listing the names, if the names are in Japanese, I generally have a kanji set for them. Yes, I speak Japanese. I will put the rough translation of the kanji in parens. I have added a Names page to show the Kanji for my character's names and also give you a discussion on kanji, kanji readings, and linguistics/pronunciation.  For reference, names like En'arashi (with the wonky use of an apostrophe midway through) are separated out like that on purpose; it's a distinction between two different sounds. It's not a pause, just me being anal about differences between the two symbol sound "n" and "a" and the one symbol sound "na."


Chigonoha Den (Blood Leaf) - located in the area between and around the Lake of Sorrows and the Red Lake. Other than being a training area, the den tries to help the ghosts in the area move on.

  • DenLord - En'arashi (Fire, storm)
  • Karai - previous DenLord of Chigonoha; En'arashi's first mate, deceased
  • DenMother - Kaikahun (Blossoming Flame), sometimes just called "Kai" (ash).
  • Ikoma Norituri - the DenMother's human mate
  • Ki - Oldest non-silver kitsune in the realm and holds significant social status as a result. He is the DenMother's Tree guard.

The DenLord's children - in order of age.

  • Koten - (flame, sky/heaven) first son. In charge of the seasoned scouts, always the first person to greet outsiders.
  • Kokka (bone fire) 2nd son. In charge of keeping track of supplies.
  • Moesashi (ember) - 3rd son. Works most often with border scouts
  • Heizan (calm/cold) - 4th son. In charge of keeping track of the various kitsunes' trainings. Probably the closest to a headmaster of the training groups.
  • Nenmu and Muka (burning dream and dream flame) - twins, 5th and 6th sons. Neither has a very good grasp of reality, and so neither has any particular responsibilities. Both Dream. They don't experience each other's discomforts, but what one knows the other knows - unfortunately, this isn't easily used because of their mutual difficulty in making sense of the real world.
  • Kasai (fire, especially a large fire) - 7th son. In charge of new trainees.
  • Yokaze (Night wind) - only child of En'arashi and Himitsu; half black, half red fox making her fur a black cherry red. Hates politics, but as a direct line of Inari, she can't entirely avoid them.

The DenMother's guard

  • Fire - Cha (tea) Cha likes tea. A lot. She travels around just to try new tea or different mixes. She grew up in some of the coldest climes imaginable, surrounded by Ice Maidens. As such, even mildly warm weather irritates her, and in such weather she tends to... dress down. It doesn't bother the kitsune, who smile and enjoy the show, but it would certainly startle humans.
  • Wind - Fuu (wind) Fuu's the perpetual nanny, and usually is called on to be a wet nurse if a child needs one for some reason. Fuu's cheerful and optimistic in a way that would be irritating to most anyone other than children. She's also a disaster in the kitchen - Ki swears that her mere presence can ruin a batch of food.
  • Earth - Ishi (stone) Ishi might as well be a boulder, he is short and stout in a way highly unusual for kitsune. He's probably got the most human sense of humor, and he's not particularly curious for a kitsune.
  • Water - Ash; Ash as in the type of tree. Ash is half-kitsune, but unfortunately cannot pass as human. He is covered from head to toe in short fur patterned the colors of a red fox, and though he has no tail he has the talon-like claws and sharp teeth of a fox. He's about 80, though he looks to be young 20's still. He has no ability with the kamigami, but he learns at a speed that even most humans would be impressed with. He has memories of being chased as a child, so he's acutely embarrassed to show himself around humans and would take pains to always wear full armor (which incidentally has a mask as part of the helmet) around humans. He has an older brother, Yamashi, who is not attached to any particular den.
  • Wood - Ki (tree) One of the oldest living kitsune, he is enamored of Kaikahun though she has already turned him down. He stays to protect her anyway. He has a mixed Crane/Dragon style that he learned and developed in the early years of the Empire. Ki doesn't dislike humans, but learned early how painfully short their lives can be.

Other kitsune

  • Itoko (Thread child) of the Ishigawa (Stone River) line- black fox, weaver. Itoko is painfully shy, and the only one of her family to take to artistic pursuits. Eventually, she marries a human Crane and moves to one of their cities.
  • Ginyue (silver moon) of the Chihi (blood flame) line - red and gold, blacksmith. She'd be a hermit her whole life if she could, and she's pretty grumpy about not being one. A little surly in general, she's the sort of bodyguard who will scowl and be pissy, then when everyone else is asleep, go about making sure things are arranged comfortably. She's a good cook, and she has a great many suitors who wish she'd just learn to trust someone.
  • Shouga the Denmother's younger sister; youngest sister of Karai. She manages En'arashi's household on behalf of her eldest (deceased) sister, since Himitsu lives so far away.

Yagiri Den  (night mist) - Located in caves beneath the Seven Thunders Mountain. No one is exactly sure what the den's focus is, though it has long been said that the black foxes here guard something.

  • DenLord - Himitsu (secret), black fox, daughter of Inari
  • DenMother/DenFather - Position is currently empty
  • Wraith - In charge of the defenses. She *hates* humans, living ones anyway, dead ones are good enough as fertilizer.
  • Shade and Shadow - twins in service to Himitsu. They don't have a clear distinction between each other, though they recognize the difference between the two bodies. What ones knows the other knows. They have a very good grasp on reality, and are very devoted to Himitsu and Yokaze.
  • Dokuyaku (Arsenic) - Wraith's oldest daughter. Obviously, she's good at poison. She's also good with healing herbs, but she's inherited her mother's sense of the dramatically frightening.
  • Boshi (the record of name and life written on a tomb stone) - Wraith's second child, son. Silent, and relatively large for a kitsune, many make the mistake of thinking him dumb. They don't usually live much past that.
  • (Itoko at Chigonoha, Wraith's third child)
  • Kyoufu (terror) - Wraith's forth child. She's particularly good at casting illusions of fear, she can pick out fears and amplify them. She's quite able to kill a person with their own fears. She's also obscenely good with plants and when she's not out terrorizing, she can be found deep in the gardens.
  • Kutsuu (torment) - Wraith's fifth child. Her specialty is torture, a bit more refined than her mother's general gore approach. She also makes guards and shoes (and sometimes the others call her "Kutsu" [shoe] rather than the more ill-omened take-name)

Temple (located physically in the kitsune realm)

  • TempleMaster Li  - she smokes, curses, drinks, and is otherwise a terror to anyone of any other monk-ly persuasion. She's also the only one who can manage Temple, something that requires a massive amount of energy and elemental control. She does not have a rear element. Despite the smoking and cursing, she is quite knowledgeable but she doesn't often have time to engage in philosophy with others. Inari specifically removed her from her home den before the members died of a plague.
  • Rei
  • Star - A relatively young kitsune (not yet 200). Her parents were prone to wandering the empty mountainsides and travelling out-kingdom and as such were often on long trips. It was 30 years before anyone realized that something must have happened to them on one of their trips, and another 20 before anyone managed to actually find her. As far as anyone can tell, she's been a white fox since her parents died in an accident when she was barely a babe. She lived much of that 50 years in fox form, so she's especially wild for a kitsune and has incredibly sensitive hearing. Her eyes are purple, and she has a star-shaped tattoo on her forehead that is inset with tiny, glittering minerals. 
  • Yuki
  • Amefuri
  • Shiroi
  • Shin
  • Shiromei/Whiteeyes - He's Wraith's brother-in-law, ironically. He's one of the older monks, and he's sworn to only fight in self-defense or in the defense of someone helpless. He dissolved into Fury sometime in his past, though it was long enough ago that even those kitsune who know of his past do not know when exactly it was, and he decimated two small villages. Others managed to calm him, eventually, and once he returned to his senses he was immensely remorseful. Most don't remember this, or even know of it. Now, he manages a teasing, friendly atmosphere. He's the only person who can tease Li with impunity. When the kitsune become more open, he is assigned as a tending monk at a small temple of Inari the human's built. As such, he is often an intermediary - though most guests of the temple have no idea that he isn't human, as he is very capable of maintaining a human illusion. He has the ability to open gateways between temple grounds and the Temple in the kitsune realm.


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