Haruka naru toki no naka de

In a time growing distant

By: Suzuno Tooko

Book 1


(this is either small text written to the side or sounds, sometimes a description of what’s happening if it’s absolutely necessary for understanding of the plot.)

(t) Means thinking, a non-spoken line

[This is me being a persnickety translator who gets irritated when tji can’t translate sommat properly. If it’s just some sort of implication that is in the words and implied through verb form, I’ll explain it. If I really haven’t the foggiest, I’ll parse out the kanji and the like for other Japanese students who maybe could help with those phrases. You can ignore these if you wish, I put some social comments in these for those not familiar with Japanese customs in here too.]


Section 1


pg 5

In a time growing distant

A rampart exists in the imperial city. It is a wall that towers to protect people and the town from outside enemies and foreign countries. However, there is a city that does not require that wall. They make use of the natural landscapes around them, nature’s wall. [large kanji] Mountains and rivers surround, nature’s castle.

Byakko [white tiger], Sukaku [red sparrow], genbu [Snake/turtle copulating, or sometimes an odd combination of a snake and turtle-ish thing, depending on what region you are from], Seiryuu [blue dragon]

The four gods protected this area.



Heian City [city name]



Akuramu:      I curse you. You humans who live in this area.  Die and cease to exist.

                     People of this city, I curse you

                     The four gods will, by my hand….


Akane:          …. Someone’s calling?



Tenma           What’s wrong?

Akane:          Just now, It felt like someone was calling me.

Tenma           ….? I see. I didn’t feel anything.


Akane (t)       Who?

Shimon          Akane-chan, Tenma-senpai [senpai /sempai= upper classman suffix]

Tenma           Shimon (good morning)



Akane (t)       Where am I going? I have to hurry and go to school.

Shimon          It’s always in full bloom here isn’t it?

Akane (t)       I have a test today. I accidentally fell asleep last night, so I don’t have any free time right now. I have to remember that!

Tenma           Shimon. This trail goes in a circle. Why don’t you go on ahead.

Akane (t)       But… My body is moving on its own.

Shimon          But, just now, Akane-chan was acting kind of strange. Is something wrong?

Akane (t)       ….. Sakura [cherry blossoms] It’s really pretty.



Akane           Someone’s calling…

Akuramu       There you are…. The rare girl

Shimon          Kya



Akuramu       Come to me… [This could be, to my base (“e” no verb), but the kanji is more like a person’s origins, in my old language text, it could be a location]

Tenma           Akane



Tenma           What is this guy?!

Shimon          Tenma-senpai



Tenma           Shimon, Take Akane and run!!

Akane (t)       The cherry blossoms are everywhere, I can only see the cherry blossoms as they are falling.

                     What is beyond that, what is happening? I can’t remember. Only that I was viewing the cherry blossoms.

Shimon          A… Akane-chan

Akane (t)       I was on my way to school

                     In just that space of time



Fuji-hime       The four gods have fallen by the demon clan’s hand. Genbu from the north, Seiryuu from the east, Byakko from the west, Suzaku from the South. At the time that the town was made in this area, Every side of the imperial capital was bound and sealed by four guardian gods… This magical protection made by the honorable gods was able to be unbound. In other wards, the demon clan has gone against the four gods and has used the capital to bring misfortune… The grudge of the people has disappeared. The time of protection has ended and everything was covered with a frightening power. I wonder who can heal this thing? A beautiful shaped person from a different race…



Akane (t)       This place, where is it?

Yorihisa         I am your follower. It is my mission to protect the priestess. [kanji is god child (miko), which we generally say is priestess]

Sound           con [footstep]

Akane (t)       Is this a dream?

                     There’s a person standing behind me

                     Who is it?



Akane           You, who are you?

Tenma           So, If Akane dies, you’ll die? Is that it? Are you stupid?

Akane           Tenma-kun, Shimon-kun


Akane (t)       I hadn’t realized

Akane           Ah, Ten…

Inori              You’re the precious Miko-sama? The one who came to make the demons disappear? Hey?

Akane           E?

Inori              If you are, then I’ll listen to anything you want to say. [a sort more informal “I’m in your service” or “I’ll do what you say”]


Akane (t)       I don’t…

Inori              If it doesn’t concern you, bug off. Cowardice is the worst.

Eisen             If my flute can be of any use, please ask at any time.

Akane (t)       … know these people at all…

Yasuaki         These things you speak of are unknown to me. [referring to the cowardice line, I think]

Takamichi      If we are able to deepen our understanding of one another, we’ll be able to discover that forever road, don’t you think?

Tomomasa    It is not agreeable to not come and be hot. [alright, this is the perv, anyway, but that is, I think, literally what he says. “to come be hot, don’t do, is not agreeable” “Attsukuru shinai no wa shou ni awanai no dayo”]

Akane (t)       What is this? (Several small balls are flying around her)

Akuramu (t)   The dragon god’s Miko [Considering the situation, I’m pretty sure it’s Akuramu thinking]

Sound           Suu



Akane (t)       They came and are flying around me

                     I swallowed them!?

Akuramu       The dragon’s houshu (kanji – treasure and ball) were able to enter as energy, hmm?



Monk            Yes… They way to get back the four gods…?

Akane (t)       And… it’s another place I don’t know.

Fuji-hime       [“gozaimasu…” You don’t hear what she actually says, but just the very end of it. This phrase is essentially meaningless except to tell you what politeness form she’s speaking in- the “de gozaru” form that you see in Rurouni Kenshin, which is uber formal when speaking as a servant of the people/nation to someone you respect, and that she said something too soft to really hear]

Sounds          kii, chirin (bells)

Monk            Around a hundred years earlier, Daishi-sama the Generous, was once able to repair the magical field. The power of that time came from four Ofuda (paper talismans) which he was able to crush. Surely if we search for those four Ofuda, the four gods will once again be able to bind the demons.

Fuji-hime       Only…



Monk            Only this is the problem, There are no people with the same power of the gods that Daishi-sama had within this city.

Sound           chirin (bells)

Akane (t)       This is also a dream, right?

                     Wow, that girl looks like an ohina-sama (Very dressed up and formal-looking doll)

                     Oh, this room…



Akane           (t) A Shinto shrine?

                     Excuse me for interrupting so unexpectedly, but where is this place?

                     And, if it wouldn’t be too much of a bother, could I have a glass of water?

Fuji-hime       !

Sound           chirin

Akane           I accidentally surprised her.

                     Hey, now that I can see you clearly, your really only about the age of a grade schooler, aren’t you?

                     Did I startle you? I’m sorry--- Oh, you are so cute--- (heart) I really like that kimono! Hey, Is your dad or mom around?

Fuji-hime       My father and mother? [Note – Akane used the very familiar term for mom and dad, while Fuji used a very formal version, sort of like Lord Father and Lady Mother.]

Akane           Yes

Fuji-hime       What will you ask of them?

Akane           Yes, are there any adult people around that you can call so that I …



Tomomasa    There is no need to call anyone, for there is some one here.

                     What is it you wish…. Miss.

Akane           (t)Eh (sound – zokuzoku, a sort of surprised, she suddenly had something like a cold chill run up her back)

                     P-pardon me. (arrow- instinct)

Sound           batta (sudden closing of a sliding door)

Woman         Ma! (Oh!)



(The woman screams and runs off, Akane falls off of the raised walkway)

Akane           Wa! (eek, whoa…)

                     (t) What’s this, this house looks like Kyoto Imperial palace.

                     Ha! (surprised sound as she notices Yorihisa standing behind her)

                     (t) Another person is here.

                     (t) Jeeze, is everyone here this sort of person? [pretty bishi-type lol]

                     Um… I…



(The man’s hand drifts down to his sword)

Akane           (t) …. Sword?

                     No way, what’s he going to use that for?!


                     Help me!!



?                   She disappeared!?

Tomomasa    Did you see that, Princess Fuji?

Fuji-hime       Yes…

Official 1       What was that girl?

Official 2       It can’t be…

                     A vengeful spirit!

(they both freak out and run in circles, yelling)

Fuji-hime       (t) Just as she was disappearing… Around her I saw coming from her body the power of the gods.

Fuji-hime       Just what in the world was that, hmm…

                     I have a request about that woman. Please search for her.



Fuji-hime       The person who came out of the altar room, Can that person invite the dragon god in?

                     (t) The dragon god…The power of the four gods to surpass destruction.

                     Major General Tachibana- dono [my translator says that “Shoushou” is major general, and Tachibana is a district rather than his name. I have seen a character webbie that listed his title as “ Lieutenant of the Left Imperial Guards” whatever that is… Tachibana is Tomomasa]

Tomomasa    … I will do so.

Fuji-hime       Yorihisa, please remember the face of that person just now. And please go and help the Major general-dono.

Yorihisa         ----  [one supposes this means yes]

Fuji-hime       (t) At this very moment, there are those who are aiming for the city. We need the person who can master the strong power of the gods to emerge…



Akane           (t) Is it good luck, or is it bad luck

                     It’s completely black…

                     It was just morning, how did it become night?

                     (t) There’s no one…

                     Tenma-kun, Shimon-kun, dad, mom…

Akuramu       ….Are you crying?

                     You are lonely? Even your eyes must meet with bitterness?



Akuramu       You replied to my callings quickly.

                     Dragon god’s miko.

                     Come to me.



Akane           (Dragon god’s miko) Miko?

                     You’ve got the wrong person. I’ve never been that sort of thing.

Akuramu       you swallowed eight glowing balls, did you not? Those made you the dragon god’s miko. Those things choose the person.

Akane           (t) But, how does this person know that?

                     Those things I swallowed earlier, that?



Akuramu       have you calmed down a little?

Akane           Who are you?

Akuramu       I am a demon…

Akane           Demon…

Akuramu       Yes. A long time ago, we crossed the ocean to this country. My clan settled in the Yamase area.

                     Because we look different and have different customs than the people of this country, we are called such things [meaning, we are called demons because we look and act differently].

                     I like the implied meaning of  being a detested being.

Akane (t)       This person has blonde hair. He’s not Japanese.

Akane           Yamase…?

                     Actually, that name in olden times used to refer to the area around Kyoto, wasn’t it….



Akane           AH!!

(Akane slams open the door to the cart causing a “Ba!” sound)

Akane (t)       Heian City!?

                     That’s right…

                     This city…

                     The way of lining up the buildings and such, I saw it in a display at school.

                     It was a model of a city in Japan in the middle ages! In the year 794, Emperor Kanmu began the governance and running of a new city.

                     Because the location and land and waterways were convenient,

                     this Kyoto valley area was a preferred location.

                     Yamase was later changed to Yamashiro.

                     For the reason of establishing and building with one’s own power

                     In order to fulfill the dream of a homeland, the built city was able to continue for 10 years… This is…



Akane (t)       The rising city of a 1000 years…

                     This is really….?

                     What happened?!

(She slides down and falls with a “tosun” sound. The small script is her saying “what do I do, what do I do, what do I do”)

Akane           Ohh… Don’t!

                     I can’t just sit here…

                     You can’t just freak out. [She literally says “doushyou mo nai ja nai” Doushiyou is the same bit you get for “what do I do” Mo nai is rather like “already none” and “ja nai” is the same thing as “isn’t it” in this context.]

(Yossha – as she stands up, it is a sound of exertion, except the Japanese say it all the time, especially men, women tend to leave it out except for when they are pumping themselves up for something)



Akane           I have to search for my friends. They might have also come here for all I know.

Akuramu       That is a useless thing to do. If it is those two, there is no chance they are alive.. The two who were beside you. Because they interfered, I dropped them in the space between times. The thing I wanted was the Dragon God’s chosen miko. I called only you.

Akane (t)       The one who called me was this person.



Akane (t)       Wait, no chance that they are alive. NO WAY!

Akane           You are mean!

                     Those two are my friends and you dropped them?

                     “wanted” you said,

                     I’m not a thing or object so stop talking about me like that.

                     To suit your own wants you dragged me to this world, that’s not something you should do! [actually, this ends with tsurete kite sona nottenai, Tsureru is to be a companion but can be considered dragged, kite for came….  But sona nottenai I’m not sure of. There is no kanji for me to look up and I can think of a couple of different things it could be. Guessing spot. :/ ]

Akuramu       You are fine, so it is alright, isn’t it?

Akane           That’s no excuse! (What were you thinking!?)

Akuramu       From your mouth I am able to hear such things said to me… [he’s amused, “you can yell at me because I did save you” is the point he’s getting at]

                     If those two are in this city, of course they have no chance to live.

                     I protected you. That person followed you to kill you, is that not true?

Akane           (t) Oh! That person with the sword. If there are other dangerous people …


Pg 35

Akane (t)       --- No!.

                     I have to search for them.

                     Tenma and Shimon came because they were trying to help me.

                     Please, let them be okay!!

Akane           I will search for them until I find them.

Akane (t)       “Dragon god’s miko” whatever that is I don’t know but if he does thinks like he did to help me earlier…

                     Lend me strength.


Pg 36

Akane (t)       I have to find them, I have to find them, I have to find them, I have to find them.

                     Something’s kind of odd…

                     It’s like the area around me has a quiet energy since I’ve been running. What is this?


Pg 37

Akane           ---Where…?

Tomomasa    It’s too quiet…

Servant          You think so? The area around the shichijou quite noisy actually… [shichijou is a seven-stringed instrument that you see in formal courts]

Tomomasa    That’s not what I meant. There are people talking but…

                     There are no sounds from things like birds or dogs.  A drawn out feeling of tension….



Tomomasa    Please wait a moment. What is it you have been searching for since earlier, young lady? A lost child?

Servant          My lord, please abstain from chick cruising…

Tomomasa    Hey, hey. Shhhhh

Akane           Chick cruising??

                     (t) Something…

Servant          This isn’t the time to be doing such things. We have to hurry and find the miko!

Akane           (t)… of a showy man.

                     ---um—Have we met before?

Tomomasa    Nnn---- So cold of you. You have forgotten all about me.

                     We exchanged words through a bamboo curtain, didn’t we…?


Akane           (as she turns to run away) Kyaaa!

Tomomasa    (heart) I’m not letting you slip away.

Sound           pishi (this is a sort of snapping sound. If you don’t know, before an earthquake, often there is a loud popping or snapping sound if you are above ground)

Akane           ?!

                     (t) The ground cracked…?

Akane           What is this?

Tomomasa    My, oh my. It seems I overdid my joke, didn’t I?

                     Please calm down, young lady. Don’t wake up the power of the dragon god that is inside of you any more than that.

Akane           That sort of thing, I…



Sounds          pishi (snap again), doon (more of an explosion), people yelling



Akane           (t)I did this?!

Akane           Stop it!

Sounds          Pari, pari, pari [I have no idea (all my dictionary has is “paris” lol, sound it out, stuff breaking, I guess]



Servant          My lord, step back…!

Tomomasa    This is… Dragon pulse? [literally, the kanji for “dragon” and “pulse”]

Sound “bogo “

Tomomasa    From the place where the Miko is standing, energy is flowing through the ground.

Tomomasa (t)   In its natural state, the dragon pulse flows out of the north from Funaoka Mountain. But if it becomes too strong the energy will tear the earth and flood out that way. When that happens, a fracture grows. The four gods control that sort of energy but…

Tomomasa    Right now the four gods are not here. I see now. In other wards destruction is the goal.



Akane           (t) Is this what happened when I thought about asking to borrow power?!


                     (t) I don’t know, I don’t know!

Akane           Please, Stop!

                     (t) I don’t want to destroy anything.



Sounds          shyaran, shyaran

Akane           Inside… of me… there is something alive…? [the verb is actually one of being that you use for something that lives. There is a paper and there is a person, are two different verbs in Japanese. She actually just says “there is something” but the subtlety is that it is something alive]



Akane           No! Someone help me! Tenma-kun, Shimon-kun!?


Shimon          Ow

Akane           No! It’s dangerous so let go of me!

Shimon          Akane-chan, don’t move

Akane           Ah






Akane           (t) Oh, it stopped. Thank goodness…

Shimon          Ow!?

Tomomasa    Yorihisa, You saw the Dragon’s pulse? The power of the gods bubbling forth? Rather reckless, hmm?

Yorihisa         ------  [yeah… I don’t know what this one means. Tomomasa’s saying weird stuff again, I think this silence is simply that of someone with no sense of humor and probably long suffering in dealing with Tomomasa]

Shimon          Akane-chan, Are you okay? (Akane gives a really spaced out “yeah…”)



Akane           (t) I won’t ever again

                     Won’t ever again call up that power. It was scary. That sense of it growing closer and anything and everything seeing so fragile. I might have even hurt Shimon-kun. The thought of anyone getting closer is scary.  There really is something in me.  That is the Dragon god.

                     Tenma-kun. Where are you? You had better be okay…



Shimon          Akane-chan.

Akane           Shimon-kun

                     Thank you for coming to help me before.

Akane (t)       Thank goodness, its Shimon. [This is sort of… I guess a feeling of “oh good, I found him and he’s here]

Shimon          Un. [yes/no problem/anytime, you get the idea]


Pg50 &51

Akuramu       Akane-sama, The dragon god chose you to be his miko. Somehow use that power to [no verb] this city… Right now there are people in this land mistakenly called demons. Some how with the dragon god’s power please protect them. The eight people who will serve you should be quickly coming to you. Those people are the ones with the houjyu (dragon treasure). It is the means by which you call your eight. They are the miko’s guardians..

Pg 52

Akuramu       That was a true greeting. Dragon god’s miko. I am the one that brought you here. Don’t forget that…



Akane           (t)Tenma-kun…

Tenma           ---What the… Where am I?



Tenma           (t)This isn’t the cherry tree road…. Is it?

Tenma           ---I’ve… What the heck happened?

Prince            They are always a wonderful color. And the Shinnyo dance downwards from the sky.

[Yes, he’s speaking poetically. Two notes here, one is that I haven’t the foggiest what shinnyo is. The kanji are “god” and “woman” but I *think* that it actually is referring the flower in the foreground of the picture, which I’m pretty sure is a camellia flower. So, I think he’s talking about the flower. Two, Eisen calls this fellow Okami, Kanji of “lord” and “higher.” Eisen’s a prince, actually (sorry to spoil it, but you learn that in two seconds anyway) and this is Eisen’s brother. I’m not exactly positive what Eisen’s brother’s role is other than he’s a big guy at court. He says something and it gets done. They are not members of the Star Clan – Fiji-hime’s clan. Anyway, I’m not sure if he’s just a big-wig or actually the acting lord/king whatever of the area. Just keep in mind he’s an important person. I’ll call him Prince for now until I figure it out. ^.^;;]

Eisen             --- My lord, you say such needless things. [not an insulting phrase… it’s… Japanese. Lol ^.^;; He’s being deferential, accepting the compliment but at the same time implying that the prince is being flattering.]

Prince            Eisen, When it is just the two of use you may call me “brother,” I don’t mind.  You don’t need to be so restrained [formal].



Eisen             That’s very generous of you, to be so with someone like me who has become a Buddhist priest. [In other wards, “you are too kind, I joined the priesthood and now have no rank to speak so informally with you.”]

                     Is there something you wish of me?

Prince            Sometime last night, in the Northeastern sky, a light shone. It shone for several moments. To the left of the capital, seven beams of light shone and the ground rumbled and vibrated. Just now I could make use of Tomomasa’s manner. [The last is in reference to how Tomomasa doesn’t get stressed out or worried, the prince wishes he could act as calm]

                     Eisen, do you feel any thing?

Eisen             ---- um… [“ha” actually, which is a pausing noise or could be a vague agreement]

Prince            Since you were a baby, you have seen things other than with your normal sight. You have had premonitions. And every time you get frightened by them, you do nothing but play the flute. (Eisen was playing the flute at the beginning of the scene)

Eisen             I haven’t…

Prince            (sighs, agreeing noise [knows his brother, doesn’t he? ^.^]) Major General Sakono Efuno will soon be visiting here. [This sentence does weird things. “go/come for instance” “soon” “things like let him in”. I’m guessing that this is a visiting general from somewhere else.]

                     It’s the Northeast, too. That is an unlucky direction [literally the kanji for “unlucky direction” is “demon gate". He might mean “demon’s gate” literally]

                     We have Abeno the Seimei [Seimei is literally “clear” and “revelation” and I’m guessing it is a title because Abeno is Yasuaki’s last name. He’s a Taoist and has visions too]

                     And of course we also have the Star Clan’s Princess. [Fuji-hime]



Prince            (hahaha) For all I know, the celestial being [miko] came down to us, hm?

Eisen (t)         That’s right

                     The truth is I did see it. Last night, in a dream.

                     Somebody… came down in front of me.

                     It didn’t seem very divine. It was horrible.

                     Why am I always like this, I wonder?


[Eisen suffers from extreme anxiety, if you didn’t figure it out. The prince states that Eisen only plays the flute when he’s frightened or scared, he plays the flute a lot.]


<b>End Part 1</b>


<b> Haruka Naru Toki no Naka De

Part 2</b>


Pg 57 – 58 (piccies)


Swordsman   Who is it… You aren’t from around here, are you? (kukuku [laughing] chyaki [sword sound]) hehe This one has absorbed blood. [referring to the sword]

Tenma           ---- That sword. Come and bring it.

Swordsman   ! What? Don’t joke around, you’re still a brat, aren’t you!? [gaki – kid, but it’s a rude reference, so brat]



Tenma           Brat or whatever, lets test it and see.

                     In the cherry tree forest, I fell into the old well…

                     If I had been more careful, maybe only I would have fallen through to this riverbank. Just a little ways off I saw an area that looks like a town…

                     (t) Where on earth is this place? [not literally, but the same idea]

Swordsman   Uwa!



Tenma           (t)Akane and Shimon I wonder if they ran to safety…

Sound           zuzuzu (sword hitting the ground)

Sword           Useless boy. I wanted to take more blood.

Tenma           The sword…

Sword           I can’t take that one [referring to Tenma]. He reeks of the power of the Gods. I’ll have to possess another one…



Tenma           When it becomes night and darkness comes, monsters come and sneak up.

                     What will become of this town?

Sound           Basa (sword turns into a bird-like thing and flies away)

Fuji-hime       I welcome you, the beloved of the gods who came from far away.

                     I am the daughter of the Left Chancellor’s family. I am called “Fuji.”

                     My family is descent from the Star Clan who serves the Dragon God’s miko.

                     My mother told me of this mission as she raised me so that I would remember and maintain our mission. Miko-sama, please allow me to serve you.



Akane (t)       Serve? Even though she is a child?

                     But, if she’s a Chancellor’s child, then isn’t she a Princess?!

Fuji               We have for a long period fought the demons, but our protective barrier has dissolved. Since then the demons and evil spirits have done nothing but ruin our city… The city’s people are able to be destroyed by the demons.

Akane (t)       Demons… That’s what that one person was. Then, to protect the city, I’ll have to fight with that person…?



Akane           (t)----No way… that’s really frightening. I don’t want to use the dragon god’s power again. I can’t. Because – What if I accidentally do something like kill someone…. I

Akane           I won’t!

                     I can’t. Dragon god’s miko or whatever, I can’t!

                     (t) It’s scary.

Fuji-hime       Miko-sama!?

Shimon          It’s getting bigger! A boil of some sort. Uwa--- (a sort of distressed moan) But it’s crunchy and hard. Am I sick I wonder? A bug bite?

Servants        That boy child, I heard that he’s a friend of the Miko, but my goodness [hehe, a note for those of you studying curses… “Mattaku” can be rather vulgar and can mean lots of things, but it’s usually a put-out irritated sort of feeling. Apparently “marude” is the more polite form]

                     The color of his hair, and those eyes



Servants        He’s got to be a demon…

                     Demon child

                     What a frightening sight, that even this estate must invite in and allow even this.

Shimon          Are they talking about me?

Akane           But, even though everyone calls them demons, aren’t they humans? The color of their hair or what ever is different, so what? Isn’t that discrimination?

Fuji-hime       Exactly that. We have had trouble pushing them away. You have been chosen by the dragon’s Houshyu [“treasure ball”]. Akane-sama.

Akane           And the only way you can act and feel like you do is just because you were born into the Star Clan.  Everything you think and feel is affected by that.

Fuji-hime       Please don’t be afraid of the Power of the Dragon God.

Akane           (t) I was lectured to like a student.



Akane           Shimon-kun

Shimon          Akane-chan, Hey, look at this! I told someone that I hurt my right hand and they gave me some medicine! [he’s apparently easy to please…]

Akane           Shimon –kun, I really like Shimon! [Shimon looks really surprised, this is a cultural thing, Japanese don’t just randomly tell friends (especially friends of the opposite sex) that they like them.]

Shimon          Eh? Eh? [“Huh? Wha-?” kinda]

Akane           (t) That’s right. It’s Shimon, but he has the same color of hair a demon person.

                     (t) But, he’s my friend so I just think he’s really cute.

                     I really have become the Miko. I’m scared but I don’t think that something like a different appearance are reasons to fight.

                     (t) It would be good to hear more from the demon man. I want to meet that person one more time. Because we had a bad parting…

Shimon          Akane-chan, where are we going?

Akane           SHhhhh! I came here to go outside, and don’t try to stop me.

Shimon          Ehhh?

(To the side Akane says something about how he needs to be less noisy as she’s walking away. Watching on, unbeknownst to Akane and Shimon, Yorihisa watches them go)



Akuramu       Miko

                     ---- You are coming to meet me, hmm?

(A snake slithers by in the grass, the next time you see the snake, it has a fancy marking on it’s head)

Snake            Dragon God’s Miko-Sama

                     The Mansion Master is calling. Please follow after me. [the snake literally says “o” formal marking “yakata” mansion “sama” formal tag for high ranking people. He’s talking about Akuramu. I suppose the snake simply didn’t have quite enough brainpower to use a more descriptive title.]

Akane           (t) A crimson snake?!



Akane           (t) That carriage…

                     Pardon me [shitsurei shimasu, literally I’m  being rude, but used like this to mean excuse me or pardon me. It is also a phrase said anytime you enter a home or private area of someone else’s]

                     (t) There’s no one here?

Snake            Over here.

Akane           (t) This is a really desolate house. No one lives here…

                     -----Ah… (she has just seen Akuramu, he’s sitting next to a pond. He rises as she approaches)



Akane           Red clothing… [cultural thing, you don’t really see male red formal kimono. Women sometimes marry in red. It has sort of surprised Akane.]

Akuramu       Is there something wrong with this color. You are surprised, do you dislike scarlet?

Akane           Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just that this feels different from the time before.

                     (t) So it was this person.

Akuramu       to my clan, this is the color of the sacred flame. It is the red brand of the demons. I came to meet you, Miko.



(sound “doki” is a heartbeat, but a startled, pleased sort. It’s the sort of heartbeat you get when you are flattered by a person you have a slight crush on or that you just notice is really, really good looking, lol)

Akuramu       Glory is a useless, empty thing. A long time ago, this estate was built by a nobleman. Because he died, the grounds have fallen into ruin, the people who come near make it sound pretty by saying it is simply overgrown. Now that you are here, it will perhaps also be so for the [“earth, imperial, gate, rear” lit. kanji spoken as “tsuchi mi kado den” so totally don’t know, but he’s probably referring to the grounds that Fuji-hime resides in], don’t you think?

Akane           Is it true that the ones called demons are destroying the city and it’s people?

                     I heard that it was for that reason I was called.

Akuramu       Are you not also one of these called demons?

                     It seems you have heard many things from that crafty princess.



Akane           You know of Fuji-hime-chan?

Akuramu       A descendant of the Star clan, isn’t she. Originally, the ordinary people themselves held the god’s powers. People like Fujiwara sent their power to the people in a stream. What shameful, foolish people.

Akane           (t) ---- What is he talking about?

                     That child, it’s true that she’s a little strange

                     She seems older than I am

                     We had a difficult conversation, but she was only a cute little girl, wasn’t she?

                     Foolish people? That feels really wrong!

Akane           The circumstance of the house or whatever I don’t know. That child doesn’t have anything to do with this. She’s just  10 year old child! That sort of talk is mean!

Akuramu       Mean, hmm? You cannot yet speak of that. You don’t know the child. But didn’t you come to meet me?

Akane           (t) U!



Akane           Ah!

Akuramu       You are making such faces… (kukuku – laughing)

                     You are of course ready to make a retort like that to me.  It has been ages and ages since there was something so amusing. Would you like to come and accompany me? [implication of you just as you are]

                     If so, it’s a little dull but we can soon play. [since he’s hugging her just there, one isn’t sure if that is sexual or if he really means just causing problems for the people of the town. You decide. :p]



Akuramu       Ah, here comes Fuji-hime’s watchdog.

Yorihisa         Lover’s meetings are not a forbidden thing, but please return for today. [Ouse to iu no mo waruku wa nai kara na – “ouse” is a secret meeting between two people who are having a love affair. Yorihisa sees Akuramu hugging Akane and makes the mistake of thinking that they are lovers (remember, Japan, no casual hugging or even hand holding of people from the opposite sex, two girls is okay, two drunk guys is okay, guy and girl not okay, it doesn’t happen). It’s actually a pretty honest mistake if he were dealing with two normal people. So, “Something such as a lover’s meeting isn’t a bad thing” With a “because na” at the end (na just being a coaxing sound or something like a “‘kay”), it implies that he let her leave in the first place, and now wants her to return because it’s late and getting dangerous. I put the other in because it was shorter]

                     (t) The Miko with a demon…?


Pg 74

Tenma           I have confidence in my independence, I’ve had that ability…

                     But how can do things like I return to my own world? It hasn’t been that long, two years just seem to overlap.

                     (t) But, if Akane and the others didn’t come here, Then it might have been the best, but I don’t know.

                     (flash back) Because you always fail to buy your school lunch.

                     (sound) Pu (snicker)

                     Now that I think about it… it’s not that funny, huh?


Pg 75

Tenma           ….wha- ? (sound: doki, loud heartbeat)

                     (t) Akane?!

                     Why is she here?

                     (t) It was from a long distance, but I’m positive that was Akane. That was our school uniform, that’s not something from here…

                     (t) She didn’t run, back then. That idiot…!

                     What the heck is this…?



Tenma           (t) Because I’m me, I can do anything I need to do. But, Akane’s a normal girl. There’s no way she’s fine!


                     (t) That guy she was with, that tall bastard, what is he?

                     (t) He couldn’t be her captor… [spoken incredulously, not a statement of fact, sort of a “no way, he can’t be!”]

                     (t) Don’t fool around!

                     (t) Man, it’s way to big… where in the heck is she? [uhh… I assume he meant “she.” Literally he said “where” and then the “is” for a living object and a question modifier]



Tenma           (t) There’s the bastard. Akane must be nearby….

?                   (t) The third person

Akane           (t) The third person.


                     No! Hot!

                     (t) ---this. The dragon’s jewel? It came out from within me.  But, only one ball?



Tenma           (t) Akane!

Akane           (t) Ah! It’s pretty, looks like a lightening bug.

                     Such a big garden. Compared to that over grown estate, there’s a huge difference.

                     (t) It’s strange. Somehow I got to speak with that person again. Oh, now that I think about it, I don’t even know his name.



Akane           (t) I met that person here, the one who called me. He’s got a bad mouth, and he’s totally spiteful But, in my heart, In a place not even I know much about, I found him engaging.

Tenma           (t) Akane.

                     Akane, Akane!



Tenma           It is Akane, isn’t it?

Akane           It’s Tenma-kun!

(sound: guto! A grabbing noise)

Akane           Daaangerous (written small -> a little slow) [um. The first sound in dangerous/watch out, is “a” She actually screams “aaahhh” and turns it into a warning yell “Aaaaaa bunai!”]



Tenma           (t) It’s no good. He’s way stronger

Yoruihisa       (t) Bug? No, it’s a ball of light

?                   It entered the shoulder

Akane           STOP!

Tenma           Akake, don’t come near this guy

Akane           Stop! Wait, He’s my friend!


Pg 82

Akane           Yorihisa-san!

Yorihisa         ------…..

Tenma           ----..

                     (t) This guy, Someone Akane calls and grabs close to her so easily.



Tenma           (t) In otherwards, someone who has been protecting Akane


Shimon          Akane-chan, what happened (fuwa--- yawn)


                     Uwwwaaaaaaa (crying)

Tenma           So you had to come over like this, huh? [Ore ni wa cocchi ka?]

Tomomasa    Awfully lively out there. What on earth is going on?



Akane           You know, generally—Why do you always draw your katana first thing? It’s dangerous! You did the same thing that time we first met! Not everyone is someone you fight!

                     If you don’t have a reason… what if you’d done something like hurt him? It’s something you can’t just take back, you know!

Tomomasa    ----however. In a single moment of hesitation, the honorable Miko might be killed. [como shiranai, was added, a typical Japanese “but we don’t/can’t know” a subtle bit… if he hadn’t added it, then he would have meant “The miko would be killed,” we aren’t that subtle in English, lol, so I just did “might”]

                     That also is a deed that cannot be undone.



Tomomasa    Yorihisa is the honorable Miko’s guard. It is his elected duty that he fulfills. So, Could you come to not be angry with him, I wonder? [uhh… polite speak]

Akane           (t) He said this person

                     Huuuuh? He’s my bodyguard!?

(Yorihisa goes to pick up Tenma’s necklace which apparently came off in the fight, Tenma snatches it back with a “hmph”)

Shimon          Here’s some medicine. I got it from Yorihisa-san.



Yorihisa         (t) That ball of light… I saw it in front of me, didn’t I? ----that is

                     (t) The same as the thing that flew at me that time I saved the Miko-dono.

Shimon          You also came to help Akane, huh?

Tenma           I… Really don’t like him.

Shimon          Tenma-sempai, You are being jealous [urhm. This could also be, “you are fussing/worrying. I have no idea why it’s in katakana]

Tenma           Why you--- You say these sort of things to someone you are worried about?

Shimon          (to the side as he’s getting a noogi) I’m sorry!!!

Shimon          That person… Even though he doesn’t talk at all and is a little scary, he’s a good person. I… that time when I was all alone in Heian city and didn’t know how to do anything, it was Yorihisa who picked me up and helped me.

Yorihisa         (t) My ear is hot…. (he has one of those little glowy gems in his upper ear lobe, this is the first time you see it, his hair’s normally in the way)

Tenma           (t) Hot…? (Tenma’s got a gem in his arm, it’s glowing slightly)



Tenma           Take care of Akane, Shimon. That guy’s a little strange. The only ones who  understand the things we speak of, it’s not the people here, it’s just us.

Shimon          ‘KAY.

Tenma           …..

Tomomasa    ---You met with a demon, didn’t you?

Akane           (t) He must have heard it from Yorihisa.

                     …. Yeah. Was that bad?

Tomomasa    Hmmm.

                     The Miko-dono is a person who really doesn’t know anything. [this… isn’t really an insult, more a surprised statement, I think. Sort of a somewhat formal, “You really don’t know anything, do you?”]

                     Wasn’t it (he) terrible?

Akane           Not at all. We talked about the same things.


Pg 88

Tomomasa    …. Do you want to hear my impressions?

Akane           Yes?

Tomomasa    Those of the demon clans all have golden hair, porcelain white skin, and blue eyes. They always are very beautiful, and they always wear their favorite red.

Akane           … I don’t know what his face looks like, he wore a mask so I wasn’t able to see…


Pg 89

Akane           ----that demon had a really bad mouth. He was totally spiteful.

Tomomasa    And yet you do not think the demons are bad?

                     Ahh, but the Miko-dono is a person who has been able to live entirely within Heian up to this point.

Akane           Is that a bad thing? Because I don’t understand Princess Fuji and the people of the city’s feelings?

Tomomasa    I say… it makes me envious of you.

                     Priestess of the Dragon-god

                     My interest in you is welling forth. [ye-ah… waite-kita you da. Like, water welling from a spring. O.o he’s weird, lol, and a romantic, I don’t know if he said that to her face or not]



Tenma           Me? I’ve been sleeping on the edge of the Kamo [duck] river. There, me and a few people I know meet and do the work we’ve been given.

(to the side, Tenma, “somehow someway” Akane “ooooh” Shimon, “Tenma-sempai, amazing!”)

Tenma           I’m going over there now. They’re so good even I was scared at first. About this level [good gods, that’s a guess at what he said]

Akane           level?

                     Just as I thought, even now Kamo river is a datespot.  (to Shimo, “lets go see it” Shimon “wha?”]

                     AH! YOU’RE A COUPLE!

Tenma           (“you aren’t going”) NO! Points as in fights! [uhh… again not right, but a guess]

                     The city is being overrun by vengeful spirits and the like. Its over there that robbers and the like pick up items from the spirits and bring them into the city. Various cities have their own guard to get such people and hand them over.

Akane           Tenma, your ability at survival is amazing. [Tenma indicated somewhere in that speech that he was one of the people who stopped the robbers and spirits. By her expression, she’s actually being a little sarcastic or ironic]


~~~ End Part 2 ~~~~