Hokusou Fuuunden / Justice Bao 

Record of Northern Song Affairs

China, early Song Dynasty.

The setting is an era of absolute corruption, when bribery, torture, and threats were the normal way of doing business in the government. Then comes forth a young, new Official - Houjou - who challenges the corruption. Gifted by the Emperor with three beheading devices, he is charged with bringing justice back to the courts.

Based on the historical figure of Justice Bao (Chinese reading of the name), who was said to be an incorruptible official, this is a light-hearted romp through ancient China as he and his assistants work against the corruption that has become the norm in the Imperial Courts.


Sometimes the title is misspelled as Hokusou Fuunden, but the title pages clearly have the hiragana indicating that the reading of the kanji in title is "hoku sou fuu un den."

This is my first attempt at a scanlation. Original art and story belong to Takiguchi Rinrin and Princess Comics of Japan. I only own my translation. IF this is ever licensed in America, I intend to immediately drop this project and remove any work that I manage to complete. If someone from Princess Comics, one of its parent companies, or a representative of Takiguchi-sensei want this removed immediately, I will of course comply (just contact me via the contact me page). For me, this is more about practicing my Japanese on a story I enjoy than anything else.

The ONLY location I upload the files to is Mangafox and Batoto.net. If you find this file somewhere else, I did NOT upload it. I'd prefer if you notified me of where you are seeing the files, but I really would like y'all to tell me if you find this on a paid site so I can contact administrators and have it removed. I am NOT profiting off of this in any monetary way, and I don't want people even thinking I am. I get practice, a feeling of achievement, and any good comments y'all send me. That's it. -.- The only pay I'd want from this is if the official US license people were willing to pay me for my translations. :p

Originally, I was using scans from Kitsune-fox, but I decided to scan the images myself after the Chinese version gave me some confusion. I've discovered that scanning a manga without ruining its spine is something of an art (read: impossible). :/ Sorry, some of the pages came out a touch blurry, but I think overall they are okay.


Last progress update:  06/11/2013

Chapters 1-3 are now on Batoto.net. These are the updated translations with corrections and tweaks.



I’ve got no good explanation for why this is so delayed. Life Happened. I really had given up on it because part of what happened is that my copy of book 1 was ruined in the same incident that trashed my earlier machine. I recently found the scans on one of my hard drives that was practically a dinosaur and made little gleeful noises between praying that the hard drive wouldn’t die while the files were copying. It didn’t, so here we are (FINALLY) with the last half of chapter 4, the end of book 1.

I actually already have the first chapter of the second book translated. It’s another light-hearted story called “Searching King Cat.” Hopefully, it won’t take me too long to scan, clean, and typeset the chapter.

I was asked to also upload these to Batoto.net and I've agreed to do so. I'm going back and cleaning up my translations of the first couple of chapters, though, to standardize things (like the character names). The releases won't be significantly different, just a bit more refined. They will, though, as a result have different notes. See below. :)


Book 1: 

Chapter 1:   Uploaded to Mangafox; notes ; Uploaded V2 to Batoto, v2 notes
Chapter 2:   Uploaded to Mangafox;
notes ; Uploaded V2 to Batoto, v2 notes
Chapter 3:   Uploaded to Mangafox;
notes ; Uploaded V2 to Batoto, v2 notes
Chapter 4a: Uploaded to Mangafox;
Chapter 4b: Uploaded to Mangafox; notes


Book 2:

Chapter 5: Scanned, 0/38 cleaned, 30/38 translated, 0/38 typset




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