This page is going to be very, very dull if you aren't interested in translations. Right now I am working on "Hokusou Fuuunden/Fuunden" which translates roughly to "Record of Northern Song Affairs." That is a reference to the fact that the setting for the manga is early Song Dynasty in China. I've seen some informational pages and wikis suggest that the name be simply "Justice Bao" as that is the main character of the text. I'm... ah... traditional, and will stick with the closest translation I can manage. Actually, I'm stumped on the usage of the fifth kanji - if anyone has a suggestion, let me know.

My translation style is... urm. Probably odd. For one, I'll give you the names like they are written in the book, the rough sound-outs that you get in katakana Japanese, rather than trying to figure out the name. "ruin" is "Lwin" and "Shimon" is "Simon" for example (I should point out that the character in Haruka with that name is a foreigner, but Shimon *can* be a Japanese name, is rare though). In such cases, say it like it's typed, and you can probably figure it out. Japanese don't do combined vowel sounds like we do in English as long as you realize that the vowels really always are the same sound (cat (a), key (i), whoose (u), bet (e), coke (o)). Any questions, just ask me. I'm pretty tolerant, I like to think.

I started doing this as practice while I was in an intensive Japanese language program in Toyohashi, Japan. My original purpose was *not* just to translate manga and the like, but while in Japan I found it a really good exercise for my Japanese. Therefore, I intend to continue doing translations. In that year that was in Japan I bought over two hundred manga. ^.^;;;

Disclaimers: The above picture, any other picture I choose to add inside the site were drawn by and belong to their original author/mangaka. The story, which I am translating from the Japanese version, also belongs to them. If you want ISBN numbers and the like of the books I have... meh, e-mail me or contact me via the contact form.

 Heh, and just because people have asked me-- manga in Japan, brand spanking new, generally cost around 400 yen plus 5 % tax (unless it's an inordinately large-sized manga). That's less than four dollars, which explains partially why I bought so many manga. Then, of course, there are the *used* book stores.... he he he....  Can we say less than a dollar? Who-ho! Unfortunately, shipping them home hurt (sigh).

If you are interested in buying these or other Japanese language manga, try Though the website seems outdated (with a list of manga from 2008), their Ebay store is quite active and the people at AclimateSolution will find manga for you if you know the title and author name. Fair warning, though, English is not their first language, so keep sentences easy and don't be surprised that they aren't quite fluent. They say they will respond within a week, but any time I've ever ordered from them, they responded to me rather quickly. Sometimes they even can give you the option of buying a new version of the comic or a used version, depending on what they can find in their local stores. Their mark up isn't too terribly bad, either, especially if you are willing to order a set.


Houkusou Fuunden/Fuuunden

Record of Northern Song Affairs

Also called Justice Bao. This is based in China, during the early half of the Song Dynasty, specifically during the reign of the 4th Song Emperor.

I'm playing around with scanilation on this one, click on the image to see the pages that I have.

Images and story belong to Takiguchi Rinrin and Princess Comics. Only the translation is mine. Click on the picture.

Kanata Kara Discontinued

From Far Away - entire series officially released in America (and as such, I've removed it from this site. Sorry. ^.^;; ).

It was the first manga I *ever* read, and was in fact the one that kindled my interest in learning Japanese. It is still my favorite manga. If you've never read it and you like Red River or Haruka Naru Toki no Naka De, or even Fushigi Yuugi, you'll probably like Kanata Kara. The mangaka spent a lot more time on the story line than most authors do. In fact, on average, in one year she only published one book of this series. So, the story is literally 14 years in the making. Overall, I really like it and I recommend it to anyone who likes the Magical Girl style - though the main character isn't especially Magical. :)

Harukanaru toki no naka de   Discontinued

In a Time Growing Distant

(Sometimes toki is misrepresented as juku, jiku, or jikuu - these three are all wrong, the books have "toki" written in hiragana above the offending confusing kanji).

Currently have all of sections 1 & 2 in book 1 in a text-only format. I stopped working on this one because it was being done by several other groups who were working quite a bit faster than I, and then the series was licensed.



If people would tell me what they are interested in, I'll work at getting it up here. I'll even do some basic Japanese language things if people are interested. ~.^  fill out the form on the contact page or just e-mail me. Hint: I am more likely to get the translations done faster if I know people are interested. ^.^;; Sad but true.Otherwise, I'll just read the comic and put it away. XD

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